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Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery

Table designs

Design Name Author Country Comment Download Total 98 designs TagBox TagBox Deutschland Table design based on the fresh TagBox style. Download Maniac Merchants Marten Willberg Germany A Georgia headline with a green-blue body. Download Acuity Design Style Acuity Internet Marketing Brazil Black Style, with smooth grey and green elements. Download Aqua Matthias Richter Germany Have fun! Download Smooth Taste Thomas Opp Germany Smooth style with my favourite colours. Enjoy! Download Stainless Steel Stenli Bulagaria Use cellspacing= »1″ for better feel. Download Sky is no heaven Michael Schmieding Germany My new Design colors. Download Foggy Country Straussennest South Africa Foggy Country – Green Trees planted on brown sugared ground. Download Blue gradient Mihalcea Romeo Romania Nice table design based on a very subtile blue gradient. Download desert Marc Bodon Germany brown, red, grey and white… simply smooth 😉 Download orange and grey Christoph Plessner Germany Download serif my love Frank Schnappenberger Germany A clean and simple table design with serif font Download REDandBLACK Martin Paffenholz Germany Style like our website. Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. Download UV Green Kunimichi Takahashi USA Let me know what you think. Download BakeSale admin Matti Putkonen Finland Table model used in BakeSale shopping cart admin interface. Download The OC Rodolfo Marin Chile Table based in the color table from one of my latest design, Download blue like ice Erik Ginnerskov Denmark Nice and clean. No fancy stuff. Download Dark Night Michael Schmieding germany That’s my design with my favorite colors. I hope you like it. Download mediagroove mayumi takami Japan i like this type of design. Download chives’ tables chives Germany Clean and spicy design from chives-team Download table red-white Jens Germany Inspired by the original ‘Assischale’ and dedicated to ‘Kollesche’ 😉 Best wishes to everybody! Download Candy Stefan Bihl Germany Hi, I hope this CSS File is not to pink 😉 Regards Stefan Download Simple and Clean Leandro Pessoa Brazil My model! 😉 Download Blue Newton de Góes Horta Brasil Minimalist design in blue Download Infected Infected-FX Mexico Minimal and clean design for next tutorial, mooflex inspired colors, icons by fam fam fam. ^^ Download Azulon Joorge Epunan Chile Just playing with the ccode. I like the blue, and how it combines with other elements Looks pretty nice. Download Casablanca Rodrigo Castilho Galvao Ferreira Brazil Inspired by Casablanca Web Standards Template existing in Template Design Competition, WESTCIV. Download Salmon Ricardo Aroca Chile Orange colors. Style inspired in salmon, the main product of my city, Puerto Montt. Some advanced selectors (hover, after, before) and properties (content). Best viewed in modern browsers. Download Clear Blue Robert Hartl Germany It’s a clear but individual white-blue design with subdued hover-effects for modern browsers. Download Blix Theme Newton de G—es Horta Brasil Table design based on Sebastian Schmieg’s Blix Theme for WordPress 2.0. Icons by Kevin Potts Download iCubed Lar Veale Ireland Nice clean table with small gradient images. Row hover in Firefox gives another gradient effect. Download Jacob Emiliano ESB Brasil Web Usability usable information technology Download Go Jamaica Hern‡n Argentina Jamaica, A Good place! Download Poetry For Browser Monika Thon-Soun Austria Code is Poetry. Internet Explorer you can’t show us arrows and hover effects. You can’t show us correct borders. It looks like that you can’t understand poetry. Don’t be jealous of browsers. It is simply:Learn to be a browser and everything is going to be alright. Download Red Body Jarek Karczewski Poland Red Body is my first style. I hope you like it 🙂 I’ll try to do another style, maybe … Enjoy Download Like Adwords Cleiton Francisco Brazil A simple style like Google Adwords list. Download Pretty In Pink Viktor Persson Sweden Smooth, pretty and pink. Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. Download Two times table Stu Nicholls England A very basic table for all Internet Explorer users but something VERY different for understanding browsers 😮 Hope you like it. Download Brazilian taste DvD Franco Brazil Pleasant design with happy colours, readable data and a bonus: a little effect playing with the caption text and image background. Download bluish Stefan Herzig Germany Blue style with a hint of Amiga Download Second Revolution Henrique Costa Pereira Brazil Flexible glass button style. Feel free to resize the font! Download BluInBlock JuanMa Argentina It is a good blue style that contains block properties with any background images. I hope you like it 🙂 Download Timo Wirth Germany Inspired by Andy Warhol, this bold and simple table emphasizes the table rows (rather than the columns). Download Tabular tables Stu Nicholls England A simple table using a little border art for mouseovers. Download The Sky Is Blue Eric Pui Malaysia The sky is blue… Download Sea Glass Stephanie Leary US Subtle and green. Download Orange Brownie Cody Lindley US Nice idea, the site that is. Download Blaugrana Choan C. G‡lvez Spain Alternating row and link colors. Enhancements (hover, image replacement) for modern browsers. Download Soft Table Newton de G—es Horta Brazil A simple table style with the use of the soft brown color Download Innocent Flowers Christine Kirchmeier Germany Simple, friendly design in blue Download Shades of Blue Velizar Garvalov Bulgaria Simple blue design with some :hover effects Download Gmail scrolling Mauricio Samy Silva Brazil A look-alike theme with fixed height for the table container DIV and vertical scroll bar. There is an :hover behavior on caption background image. Download Shades of Purple Demetrius Francis Bahamas Basic styles with a purple scheme. Download Turkish Delight Paul Brownsmith UK Raspberry shades with chocolate rollovers for compliant browsers. Clean, clear and choco-sweet. Download Grayed Out Terence Ordona US A simple look and feel that improves with the quality of your browser’s CSS support. Shows possible use of a la Excel styling. Download Nimbupani Divya Singapore A minimalist style that explores the relative weights of the lines that differentiates one element from the other. The same design elements has also been used on this site Download Trekkish Violets Patryk Zawadzki Poland Well… a bit trekkish I guess (but not really inspired by holodeck). Blues and violets here and there. Looks best when viewed in Firefox. Download Golden style Michael Horn Germany Golden coloured style, with hover effects in modern browsers (Firefox, Opera). Download Oranges In The Sky Krasimir Makaveev Bulgaria Just a simple table design with orange and blue links! Download Rockstar Jens Wedin Sweden Simple classic design with advanced stuff for standard compliant browsers. Download Greyscale Two Plus Four UK Minimalist design in black, white and shades of grey. Resizeable text and CCS2 enhancements for those that know. Download Coffee with milk Roger Johansson Sweden Clean, no-nonsense design with a latte-ish colour palette. Some extra design features in modern browsers. Download Clean and crisp Mats Lindblad Sweden Clean and Crips table style, with a little MS feel to it. Although it works best in Firefox. Download classic mitch uk no comment, just some damn good table styling! Download Winter Blues Gunta Klavina Latvia Blue pastel coloured style. Download Green Life Vitaly Friedman Germany A Fresh, Warm and Readable Table Download Breathing Space Kevin Leitch UK Lots of padding on the default design. Contains enhancments for selector-enabled browsers. Download Warm Fall Mya Leigh USA Warm fall colors with easy to read text. Download iTunes John Lawrence UK Table design based on Apple’s iTunes software. Download MintGreen Taimar Teetlok Estonia Warm and friendly mint-green presentation. Download Heaven is Closer Niko Neugebauer Portugal A simple style that improves with the quality of your browser’s CSS support Download Table on a Table C Montoya USA Pastel blue and yellow, and a nifty background. Behaves decently in IE. Images are table_oil2.jpg and table_oil3.jpg. Download Cygenta Tim Baker Canada Monospaced with a painful palette. Download Spread Firefox! Thierry Koblentz USA Best experience in Firefox! 😉 Download Table Sprite Parker Torrence USA This design employs a single graphic for both the caption title and the background effects. Download Muted Dan Champion Scotland Grey and beige, clean and simple. Minimal use of CSS2 fancy bits like :after and tr:hover. Download Chocolate Phil Thompson UK A simple table style with a sexy chocolate-inspired colour scheme. Lots of room for the table data to breathe. Download Smilies AndrŽ Mendona Brasil Green table with alpha transparency, lots of smilies and shadows. Download Inset cells Mauricio Samy Silva Brazil A table with inset cells and the use of adjacent-sibling selectors and border-spacing propertie for compliants browsers. Download Shaded Colour Erik A. Drabl¿s Norway Dark table design using alternating link colors. Download Revolu‹o Etc Henrique Costa Pereira Brazil Nice warm coloured table with small, but resizable, text. Download Lab Report Louise Dade UK Clear, simple and informative data display for a scientific paper. Includes a background image, download icon and a « faux alpha transparency » rollover effect (a tiny tile with every other pixel transparent). Fully commented CSS file. Download MSIE hover Mirek Kom‡rek Czech Republic Really simple one with hover in MSIE (using JavaScript via expression()) Download Kashual Khaki Shane Shepherd USA You’ll look great in Kashual Khaki! Be ready for fun when your lookin’ snappy in khaki! Download Orange You Glad Randy Peterman USA There is an image required for standards compliant browsers to get a ‘bonus’ download arrow for the download links. Download Matrix? Christian Roque G. Peru using black and green, remove the red and bigger letter. Download 10 minutes Richard Grevers New Zealand Minimalist, using separated borders and spacing with a four-colour pallette. Download Spearmint tints Ben Boyle AUS Simple coloured style with a minty theme. Download Table structure Ben Boyle AUS Contrasts headings and cells, displays heading scope and summary (where supported). Download City Mouse Janie Hadsel USA A tab with image text is placed in the caption background; caption text is hidden, but remains accessible to non-graphical browsers and screen readers. A simple table background image is dressed up by layering a transparent gif placed in the odd table rows. Download Alpha transparency Mauricio Samy Silva Brazil Simulating alpha transparency with CSS Download Grey suits you sir Stuart Colville UK Smart grey table with hover effect. Download Cusco Sky Braulio AndrŽs Soncco Pimentel Perœ Soft blues like Cusco Sky Download Roll Over from Down Unda Jason M Roehrig AUS A very sophisticated table showing many rollover effects on CSS2-abled browsers Download Blue On Blue Glenn Slaven AUS A serif font table with a bit of colour to define the cells. Download Chrome de la chrome Chris Heilmann UK Using gradient backgrounds to create chrome effects Download Minimalist Chris Heilmann UK As minimal as you can get, only lines around the body cells Download Plain old table Chris Heilmann UK Tried and true, boring grey table with a one pixel line Download


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