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Premium LiteSpeed Powered Ddos Protected Hosting Services – About Us

About Us

About Our Hosting Services

Secureservertech is a premium hosting service that specializes in high end hosting. We utilize the latest technologies and high end hardware to provide an environment where your webpages will be served at the fastest possible speed while providing security against ddos and other attacks. 

Support is prompt and personal, we handle all issues in a timely manner and will speak one on one with customers. We do not have pre-defined template responses, there is no automated responses, and no other impersonal methods.  You will never have to wait 24 hours to have your support issues resolved. Most are handled within minutes. Our guarantee is 12 hours for non-emergency matters. For emergency matters we have phone contacts clients can utilize in the event something happens that needs an immediate resolution.

Sites run up to 3 times faster than any host running apache, And use less resources too!

We run LiteSpeed Web Server and optimize our servers for speed, reliability, and overall performance. Running nothing but high grade core2duo and xeon servers we do not spare any expense when it comes to providing a fast and stable environment for our clients.

Sites use less resources so you can host more sites and host high traffic sites on our plans. We have a generous resource allocation but we believe not in limiting client resources, we optimize our servers to use less and in turn provide higher usability to our clients.

Our Servers are not overcrowded or overloaded. With our hosting you will never experience lag or outages during peak times, the server load will never be above normal, and you will have maximum performance at all times. 

We also offer php and mysql accelerators like eaccelerator and memcached. Anything that will make your sites faster and more responsive is our goal. Also providing all media and image libraries that may be needed. Our servers are fully featured with anything you may need to get your site functioning. We also will install any compatible library or software upon request if we do not already have it.

Free Speech and Privacy

We firmly believe in the right to free speech no matter who it offends or angers. It is your right to express yourself any way you see fit. If your site is fully legal under US law and you are not crossing over the line into harassment, threats of violence, and any other activity that can be deemed illegal we will fight tooth and nail with whoever to make sure your site will remain online. 

We do not blindly take abuse reports and terminate or suspend sites. Most hosting companies will terminate on the word of almost any abuse report whether it is valid or not. We do not do this, if the report is not valid and you are breaking no terms we will simply ignore it and forward it to you. 

We will NOT terminate or suspend for free speech! We only host with networks who share the same philosophy. 

Also we value our client’s privacy. We will never give any information about our clients to anyone. You do not even have to sign up with your real information. As long as the payments go through, you are not breaking any rules, and there is a valid email contact for you then by all means you have the right not to give your real information. No server logs, client info, ip addresses, or anything else will never be turned over to anyone including authorities if there is no illegal activity. 

We will support any legal free speech site on all sides of the spectrum Everyone has the right to free speech and we make sure it is protected on our servers.  It does not matter if you are left wing, right wing, racial, or in between. In other words everyone is welcome to host with us and express your right to free speech, it does not matter what race, religion or political beliefs you have. Keep in mind though that if you host your free speech site with us chances are there is another site with opposing views on the very same server.

Free Nightly Backups

We provide nightly backups free of charge on all shared and reseller hosting. In the case of hardware failure or any other emergency you will always have a fresh backup with us.

About The Company

We are a high quality protected hosting solution with reasonable terms of service, up to date and optimized server software, as well as providing many things budget hosts do not. If you are looking for quality and piece of mind look no further. This does not necessarily mean we are expensive in no manner. Our company just provides a more comprehensive service and we do not oversell our servers. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Secureservertech donates a portion of gross profits monthly to St. Jude and Shriners. In the future we plan on supporting more charities for children.

Optimized servers for speed, security, and stability.
Our servers run the latest stable and current versions of all software. We are also proud to offer litespeed http server to our clients which is the fastest and most attack resistant server on the market. We only use ddos protected networks with the utmost quality in bandwidth. Our current providers are staminus and softlaye. Both have their strong points and limitations. 

Our security is mainly based around Ddos protection. though we do take all the steps we can to keep servers and sites form being hacked it is still possible. Nothing is unhackable but nothing will keep us from doing our best with the available resources to offer the tightest security we can for shared hosting. Too tight of security can break things and cause problems with web apps. Not enough security can cause lots of other problems so as any admin will we try to find the best middle ground while offering our clients a stable environment. In a nut shell you will not hear us saying we have unhackable or super secure servers but we do offer more security then the average host.

Personal Support
When you request support, there is never a 24 hour wait, most issues are resolved within minutes. When you are our customer we offer instant messenger support meaning when you can pm us and we will address your issue instantly. Support tickets are always answered in a timely manner as well.

We are fully dedicated and committed to our customers. We will do what it takes to keep your site up and running and you happy. We have nothing but satisfied customers, just read our testimonials page. We always try to do the most affordable option for all customers. In the event we cannot help someone we will offer them the needed upgrade or money back.

No Overselling
First, any of our customers know there is no overselling, you get what you pay for, guaranteed. We will even work with our customers on bandwidth overages in case something happens. Feel free to ask any of our customers if they are able to use their allocations and they will tell you yes. None of our plans are even that crazy allocation as real oversellers, We just think we offer your money’s worth. We look at what we pay for the server, all licenses, etc and we figure up a fair price for our clients where we an stay in business and still offer a fair price.

How long have we been around?
This is a fairly new domain, a little over one year old. We started off in early 2005 as a reseller offering small shared hosting plans. Then we started selling resellers and hosting from our own server with the domain in late 2005. Since then we have continued to grow and offer even better services. As far as experience, we have about 5-6 years linux and server experience each. We know what we are doing. We are not going anywhere, we are not a fly by night company. But don t take our word for it, simply search around, talk to our clients, etc. And you will see our reputation speaks for itself.

What do you have to say about your competition?
We do not badmouth our competitors. We believe in doing our own thing and do not worry about what other businesses are doing. Of course we try to keep our prices and service competitive but we will never resort to badmouthing or even speaking of another company, it’s just not our thing. We are confident that we provide a good service at fair prices and we have lots of positive feedback from our customers. Word of mouth, refferals, and testimonials are the heart of our business.

How can I find out what your clients have to say about your service?
Well, you can always google or read the testimonials. We have had very few clients who we could not help and even less that may have left on bad terms. We have resolved many problems new clients have had. Most of our customers have been kicked off all other hosts or wasn’t being helped and found us. Usually within a few days their site their site is up and no more outages due to attacks. 

Of course there will always be some unhappy or unreasonable client who may post a bad review on us but they are few and far between and there is always two sides to every story. We are confident in saying that nearly all of our clients past and present have been happy with our services.


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