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10 Revenue Sharing Social Bookmarking Sites

Earning money online has never been easier. Find out how you can earn money from these social bookmarking sites.

Many online bloggers, website owners and content producers love social bookmarking.  Social bookmarking has so many benefits – from getting traffic to your site to increasing your pagerank.  Some people even hire bookmarkers just to bookmark their posts in hundreds of social bookmarking sites online.

With the popularity of these sites, some people have improved the idea of social bookmarking.  In order for a site to become successful and popular, one way to drive traffic and people to that site is by sharing revenue to its members.  This is what actually other social bookmarking sites have done.  Of course people will flock to them as not only that they get traffic to their sites but they also get to earn a share of the revenue, which is actually the reason why they work so hard online.

I’ve researched for the available revenue sharing social bookmarking sites currently active online and I hope this list will be able to help my fellow bloggers, site owners and content producers out there.  The list is given below:


Xomba bookmarks are called xomblurbs.  Xomblurbs are a social bookmarking tools that allow users to share links with the whole Xomba community. When you make a xomblurb, you can share a link to your or other websites, article, blog, image and your favorite video. The site is not so strict with their members’ posts and the admin is very accommodating and the members are very friendly.  I love being active on this site. I also bookmark most of my posts in Triond there.  Xomba uses Google Adsense to share its revenue to its members. You have to submit your publisher ID so ads on your pages will be displayed.


It is another social bookmarking site where you can earn money by revenue sharing.  The site also uses google adsense

to share it’s revenue to its members.  You must have your own adsense account to participate.


Shares 80% revenue to the members for bookmarking sites. Again, they use  Google ads to generate revenue and share to bookmarkers. The site’s layout is great and you will love the contents.


In tagfoot, you can bookmark, share and earn. It is a social bookmarking site which functions like Twitter but the good thing is, they share their revenue to their members.  You can also have your own mentor from the senior members to guide you along the process.  The site shares 50% of the revenue to the members and when you also get referrals, 25% of the time, your ads will be displayed at your referral’s pages.


IndianPad is another social bookmarking and blogging site where you can submit stories and then other users decide by their voting power what gets to the front page.  The good thing with Indianpad is, they give all revenue to their members. 100% of the ad revenue is earned by the users.


It’s not really a social bookmarking site but a blogging community.  However, you can always make a review about your article, product online and then post a link to the post on your blog. The site allows this and in this way, you can have a bookmark of your post at Squidoo.  You will also earn from Squidoo at the same time through google adsense, amazon, ebay and other affiliate sites.


 A social bookmarking site offering 100% adsense revenue to their users. You have to have your own adsense account and submit your adsense ID to Simpy to start earning money from your pages.


Totalpad’s way to share its revenue to the members is different.  They pay you on every photo, video and articles you submit.  You also earn for posting comments.  The payout is $10 which is paid through paypal.


This social bookmarking site has a 50-50 revenue sharing scheme.  Registered users have to submit their Google Adsense publisher ID.   There is no limit to the number of links you submit and the more links you submit, the more chances of earning.  From the site you can also create groups and share your links to the members.


This site allows you to create microblogs and in every microblog you create, you can add a link to any site you want.  Friends vote for your posts and in this way, they visit the links you submit.

These revenue sharing social bookmarking sites will be very useful for your Triond articles.  If you bookmark your articles, photos and videos to these sites every time you submit it on Triond, you will be hitting two birds in one  stone.  Not only that you will drive traffic to your Triond posts and also earn from Triond pageviews but you will also earn from the revenue shared in these sites. So, who can decline that offer?  Start submitting now and in time, you will earn a good passive monthly income.



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